Ornithological Route Sierra de las Cabras

This place is located at the end of the Sierra de Las Cabras, in the valley formed by the Arroyo del Buey, which serves as a natural boundary between the communities of Extremadura and Andalusia. On the one hand, the route to reach it is interesting, and on the other hand, the high ornithological interest of the arrival point due to the concentration of birds of prey in the cliffs of this part of the mountain range.

In addition to bird watching, the route offers one of the most interesting habitats of La Serena, such as the landscape of mountains and valleys, with profuse vegetation. With a marvelous view of the upholstered slopes and crowned with large rock cliffs.

Along the route we will find small orchards, with stone walls and high fences that delimit farms for big game hunting. On the slopes of the rocky mountain ranges we will find important colonies of griffon vultures, as well as other birds of prey (golden eagles, Bonelli’s eagle) and species such as the Egyptian vulture, and even the possibility of seeing a specimen of black stork.

Along the route we will find panels that offer information about the different birds and bird colonies. These panels are located in the vicinity of the rocky massifs where they can be sighted.


The itinerary starts in the town of Cabeza del Buey and follows the old Zarza Capilla-Peñalsordo road (Camino del Túnel). Crossing areas of agricultural exploitation, until reaching the stream of Buey (which in spring will have to ford, as it is usually very high) and continuing towards the first blocks of stone, after crossing the railway, we find one of the first panels of the route. In this same rock massif, Majada de Puerto Alonso, we can see samples of schematic cave paintings.

We continue parallel to the tracks, leaving the old Las Cabras train station to the right, to gradually enter the mountain massifs. Leaving to the left the large fences of the hunting farms and to the right the imposing rock formations, where we will find another of the information panels.

The road continues towards the Sierra del Torozo, on the south side of the sierra, until it reaches the town of Peñalsordo. This route can also be accessed from this town or from Zarza Capilla.