Aliso Valley Trail

The trail allows us to enjoy one of the most interesting natural areas of La Serena. It is the Aliso Valley, which is very embedded by the Sierra that give it its name, we will find traditional orchards that are maintained since ancient times along with some scattered houses that have no landscape impacts because they are mostly traditional buildings.
We will find a beautiful mountain landscape with hillsides of Mediterranean scrub and bushes that cover the ground. Further on, the terrain opens up into a scrubland area that gradually evolves into pastures and cereal fields.

In the last part of the route, the path returns to look for the sierra ascending the hillside until reaching the Puerto de la Nava, from where we will descend to Cabeza del Buey.


14.66 km

Positive difference in elevation

439 m

Technical difficulty


Negative difference in elevation

450 m

Maximum altitude

670 m

Minimum altitude

431 m

Type of route


The route departs from the town of Cabeza del Buey along the Cordel de la Venta (Camino Real) towards the road to Córdoba. For 300 meters we continue along this road (you can avoid part of the road by going on the opposite side along a stretch of old road) until we turn right onto Camino del Aliso. Before descending to the valley itself, we are presented with a crossroads, of which the one on the left up a small slope leads us to the Shelter of schematic rock painting of Cerro Estanislao.

After a descent from where we observe to our right the Batán del Aliso, and the orchard area, passing through the 450, we cross the Arroyo del Aliso to turn towards the Roman Thermal Complex of La Nava, which we leave on our left.

Continuing along the Camino de los Baños, with the Sierra del Aliso on the right and the Zújar River Valley on our left, we walk parallel to a reforestation of eucalyptus trees, to ascend to the top of the Nava pass.

At this point we turn right and continue along the local road BA-4005-V to reach the junction with the road to Castuera-Cabeza del Buey entering again in the latter town, where we will put an end to our route.