Cerro Estanislao Rock Painting Shelter Route

The route starts at the interpretation center of Cabeza del Buey, we will go up to the hermitage of Cristo del Humilladero and take the Camino Real, cross the EX – 104 road, take the Aliso road and we will see the first two stations of schematic rock art recently discovered in the Carmonas, then we will follow the Aliso road and we will arrive to the Estanislao hill and we will see three stations of schematic rock art discovered by the French abbé Henry Breuil in 1915, We will go through the port of the Cave and go up to the Morro de la Venta where there are about 4 rock art stations, I will show the accessible one, the Cueva del Morro de la Venta with schematic rock paintings and engravings, and further up another rock art station, more difficult to access, then we will return the way we have come passing by the Pilarejo watering place and a Roman tombstone until we reach the Interpretation Center of rock art.
On this route we can see the Sierras del Calvario, Pedregoso, Las Vacas and the Aliso, we will also see the Sierras del Vercialejo, the hill of Puerto Alonso, El Torozo, the Aguzaeras, the port of La Venta, the Carmonas, the Mora hill, the Peñon Amarillo, the Morro de la Venta, the port of La Cueva, the Zújar river, Córdoba…
We can see animal species such as black vultures, Egyptian vultures, eagles, deer, wild boar, foxes, etc….
and plant species such as rockrose, juniper or Madre Selva.



12.64 km

Positive difference in elevation

427 m

Technical difficulty


Negative difference in elevation

427 m

Maximum altitude

578 m



Minimum altitude

457 m

Type of route


Time in motion

one hour 46 minutes


2 hours 31 minutes