Sanctuary of Our Lady of Bethlehem

Declared of Cultural Interest by the Junta de Extremadura, it is the most important historical-artistic monument of Cabeza del Buey and one of the most important in the region of La Serena.

Located at 11 Kms. from the town and 3 kms. Almorchón, on the EX-104 road, on the edge of the Serena, is in summer a true oasis of greenery in these parched lands. It houses the image of the Patron Saint of the town, Our Lady of Bethlehem. Its origins date back to the 13th century. After the Reconquest of the area, the Castle of Alomrchón passed to the Order of the Temple, which built a barracks house nearby. After the dissolution of this Order in 1307, all its belongings passed into the hands of the Order of Alcántara, being inhabited by barefoot Trinitarian monks in 1646. Its beautiful Romanesque style cloister and the friars’ cells stand out. From 1723 it became home to the image of the Patron Saint of the town.
The present church is of baroque style and was built in the XVII and XVIII centuries. Inside, in addition to the image of the Virgin, there is a formidable iron gate and religious mural paintings of great artistic and religious value, restored in 1995. Every year since 1723, the neighbors visiting the town decorate their vehicles for the occasion and go on a pilgrimage to the Sanctuary. After a day of country celebrations, with barbecues, snacks, dances and fun, the image of the Patron Saint is taken to the town, where it will be received with great joy and fireworks. Thus officially begin the Fairs and Festivities of San Miguel, which will continue for 4 more days, being the main festivities of Cabeza del Buey.

Ctra. Cabeza de Buey

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