Parish of Our Lady Royal of Armentera

The Virgin of Armentera was the patron saint of the town until 1635, when she was replaced by the Virgin of Bethlehem. The old parish church, dedicated to Our Lady of Armentera, was completed in 1515.

Possibly the present parish church is built on the site of the previous church, with its cemetery next to it, according to the custom of the time. Comendador Rol proposed to locate it in the Plaza Mayor, next to the other buildings of the town. Its construction lasted 8 years (1505-1515). Over the centuries, several alterations and extensions have been carried out. In 1550 the bell tower was built, although the current tower of the church has a different style from the original one.

In 1883, the church has five altars and two chapels, of which the tabernacle chapel dates from the 18th century, as do the sacristy, the archives and the wrought iron grille on the west façade. The holy water font is part of a capital found in the Roman excavations of La Nava. The image of the Virgin in 1883 was in the upper central part of the main altarpiece, having been placed at the end of the 18th century. Relics of St. Blaise, St. Alexander and St. Vincent were preserved. In 1751 the organ was installed. All of the above, along with the images, altars, bells and other ornaments were destroyed in the Civil War. The existing ones were donated by people from this town.

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