Civil War Historical Route

The beginning of the route starts at the Hermitage of Nuestra Señora de Belén. The former convent-barracks of the Order of the Temple (13th century) was looted and the image of the Virgin destroyed by leftist militiamen after the coup d’état of July 1936. (Today a replica of the previous image is preserved).

This enclave had a great role as a defensive enclave for Franco’s positions in the nearby Almorchón from September 1938. In this route we will be able to see a cross in memory of the right-wing neighbors of Castuera murdered by leftist militiamen in the summer of 1936. As well as military enclosures near the military airfield or defense casemates.


Leaving the Ermita, the path that we will follow runs parallel to the Badajoz-Ciudad Real railway and skirts the limits between the wooded pasture attached to the foothills of the sierra and the extensive landscape of the pseudo-steppe Serena. The farthest area we are going to visit surrounds the ledge near the “La Sorianilla” farm.