Almorchón Castle

The castle of Almorchón was built in the Muslim period, constituting with Magacela and Benquerencia, defensive landmarks, along the routes of transhumance that flowed into the Serena.

It is a type of fortress of rudimentary character, which takes advantage of a place exceptionally well endowed by nature for defensive purposes, frequent in areas of Berber settlement.

It has an irregular floor plan adapted to the promontory on which it is located, and of whose original layout few traces remain, given the major transformations it underwent in the Christian era. Among them, the pentagonal shape of the keep. Today only the box is preserved, of which the five levels of which it consisted can be seen: cistern, entrance floor, intermediate chamber, noble chamber and crenellated terrace. It had two walled enclosures around the castle.

Its importance lies in the passage of the cranes, being considered one of the most important points of the region.

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